Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top Selling Puzzle Organizers from Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces is known for having sold a diverse line of high quality jigsaw puzzles since their doors opened in 1983.  Their unique designs feature a wide variety of piece counts, shapes, and styles, but did you know they also offer an assortment of jigsaw puzzle organizers?  Here are some of their top selling items in the puzzle organizer categories:

Table Organizer: Fold-And-Go® Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table
Designed by Bits And Pieces, the solid pine wood table is a perfect hobby surface to assemble puzzles up to 25" x 34". Metal reinforced fold-out side panels become two strong instant sorting surfaces complete with non-slip felt covered plywood pads. Adjustable side panels lay flat for family-style puzzling or angle upwards to make puzzle pieces easier to reach when one person is puzzling. Assembly area is also covered with non-slip felt and includes a unique magnetic bar to hold your puzzle box in place for easy reference. This top selling table is finished in a rosewood stain with metal closure clips and metal handle.

Folds up to a compact 37¾" x 26½" x 2½"

Tray Organizer
: The Bits And Pieces Puzzle Center™ 1500
This innovative puzzle storage system contains a removable internal tray with sturdy edging to keep you from losing any pieces and the four sliding drawers allow for easy sorting and storage. A black felt-lined cover makes for easy transportation of your unfinished projects.

Holds puzzles measuring up to 24” x 35" and is made of sturdy, corrugated board. 

Roll Up Organizer
: World’s Best Puzzle Roll-Up System
This deluxe foam mat easily allows you to roll up your partially finished jigsaw and all of your sorted pieces with an extraordinarily secure hold. Puzzle pieces stick firmly as you work on your jigsaw and they stay in place when you roll the foam mat around the included hard-board tube. Attach the VELCRO® and elastic bands to secure the roll-up and file it away until later. Fits puzzles up to 3,000 pieces.

Mat measures 35½" x 45".

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